For a while I thought it mysterious, as an architect and thinker who is attracted to reason and to pursuational logic, that a straight methodology is not evident my work.
On all scale levels, I am attracted to a Jacobian condition where unofficial ideas and opportunities flourish, yet on all scale levels, there is kind of mental obligation to satisfaction.

In the process, contradicting needs are characterized by overlapping refinements along levels of drawing and thought, which are increasingly destructive until an object or understanding begins to emerge.

But practicing architecture moves beyond the personal into huge realms of construction and economy. The actors for making buildings are speculative, and mechanisms everywhere are improbable.

The radar of any given methodology seems to be too narrow to pick up on precise actions, necessary at exact moments, to foster what is architectural, and also what is legitimate. 

Soft forms of individual anarchy are part of any collective legitimacy, through time and through production. This has been articulated across scientific fields by contemporary thinkers from Feyerabend to Chomsky. So far, then, a ‘methodology’ I pursue is consistent practice, juxtaposition of concepts, and the cultivation of passions.

Fostering passions is something I take seriously in thinking about design.
It might explain my cultural trajectory in Berlin after formal degrees, why I am an active musician on the piano and melodica.

This might stem from the Fourrier ideal that a transcending status produces the most enduring economy. Enigmatic architects such as Aalto, Scharoun and Hadid still inspire, for they expressed their crafts, as part of industry, in passionate ways.

For high-profile, three-dimensional objects I propose a lenient, Ruskinian skepticism: the finer the nature of something, the more flaws visible in the clarity of it, and the embedded quality of rationality is to perpetually surprise.

Washington D.C., 1986
Lives in Berlin, Germany

Ba. of Arts, Utrecht University 2008, NL, honors
Ba. & MSc. Science in Architecture TU Delft 2013, NL, honors

Architectural offices in Berlin 2014-2018
Freelance architecture and furniture 2018-2022