January 2022

Laura Maasry’s architectural design for a wood building on the edge of a beautiful forest awaits permit from the town of Strausberg, 45 east of Berlin.

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February 2022

Laura Maasry to collaborate on further development of Altes Postgelände, a large, wooded area in the town of Strausberg, Brandenburg. The vision includes interventions with complex historical artefacts and a residential quarter where people and artists can live, work, and collaborate in a cultural context surrounded by nature.

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September, 2021

After pandemic lock-downs and extensive acoustic renovation works, the university building interior at the Treskowallee campus reopens.

Throughout the public lobbies, installations and furnishings, against the backdrop of unobtrusive technical interventions, transform the character and acoustics and of over-dimensioned spaces while protecting the historic ensemble of building parts in former east Berlin.

Team: Laura Maasry in andreas gehrke architekten

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April, 2021

An architectural structure with a hanging, political statement proposed by Laura Maasry is shortlisted for the annual international competition in Hackney, London.

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This series of couch tables developed by Laura Maasry in 2019 explores an interface between Bauhaus functionalism and ornamentation of material.
Each variation results from a diversification of joinery,  proportional changes, and individual selections of raw materials.

Tables on sale online and at OBLIK furniture showroom in Berlin Mitte.