The proposed pavilion hangs a temporary scaffolding structure and a political statement:

accessed from Columbia Wharf’s Northwest rooftop, a bartisan and tower made with wood parts of a previous pavilion enable deployment of repair work along the historic Haggerston Bridge. The one-sided support represents a lack of political cohesion. At the same time, it gives the local planning council the opportunity to react, not just in words but in action, by picking up the hanging scaffolding from the public side, the towpath, and completing a much-needed repair job on the historic bridge.

It is a provocation, but not meant to be aggressive. A delicate metal structure reveals and ‘preps’ the massive structure behind it. It poses a question and makes a constructive plea, for the Hackney council to react and meet the installation where it hangs in anticipation.

Phase 1: Tower
Phase 3: Deployment of Scaffold
Phase 2: Bartisan
Phase 4: Full scaffold Deployment
Haggerston Bridge, Photo courtesy of antepavilion Ltd

The cantilever is meant to be an effective bypass to get this repaired.

Following the antepavilion spirit of the mid-evil, the Bartizan is a temporary polygonal structure, slightly protruding from the building rooftop. It also works as an entrance, a rain shelter for brickworkers, and an photo exhibition room. Determined window-slots curate vantage points and a binocular balcony offers views to conservation areas.

On the scaffolding installments, visitors, residents and curious individuals might wander close to the bridge. The unique position is meant to foster a process of inspection. For the council planners, it endeavours to foster a more laborious, imaginative sense of development.

The tower structure is tied to the roof and brick wall of the wharf building, and founded in the little garden by the water. Hung from the tower is a scaffold platform, braced both from above and below, and inserted laterally into the Haggerston bridge by scaffolding anchors.

Re-use: the tower picks up and rearranges the LVL-truss frames of the previously built Potemkin Theater, to make this operational design.

Above are possible locations to implement Scaffolding Hackney bartisan tower along the Regent’s canal, for the deployment of repairwork on wharf buildings, from Kingsland bridge to Regent’s row.

antepavilion, annual design-build competition  2021

Scaffolding Hackney, shortlisted

Location: Hoxton Docks
Hackney, London

Laura Maasry
Martina Rotilio
Hawk Martirosyan