Wood has a strong tradition in Finland and still is used as a major construction material in building buildings and saunas.

For the mini-structure, a  plywood box of two squared meters and array of Spruce beams and planks were available to us. The ‘program’: a sloped roof, a weathering facade, and functioning interior with hanging benches. Beams and planks of various dimensions were used for the cladding and benches and montage-techniques.  Trial and error on-site produced a sensual space and working sauna.

Photos: Sauna installed in outdoor exhibition park, wood engineering faculty, Aalto University Helsinki


Transport of Sauna to exhibition park


Sauna design and construction

Location: Espoo, Helsinki, finnland

Year completed: 2012

Construction time: 3 weeks

Surface: 4 sqm

Material: Plywood, Spruce cladding

Team: 12 architects from different european universities

Location: Aalto University
Espoo, Helsinki