Raised walkways and cycling bands connect existing city squares, parks, and landmarks across the river Nile in central Cairo.

The four involved landmarks in this idea are Tahrir Square, The Egyptian Museum, Cairo Tower and the Cairo opera house. The bands connect humans, away from automobile traffic.

The concept ain’t too flashy in that it propagates agreeable, generic qualities that can be made site-specific in  water cities anywhere:

1. water connections, human connections
2. shading and resting at exciting urban vantage points
4. pleasurable routes for cyclists

On the water, the bands converge and wrap a vibrant piazza on two levels, 24 m and 17 m above water level. Two asymmetrical crossed arches carry the structure with hanging cables, consoles and bracing, in a language between concrete and steel.

Wholes make level connections and to the water; a navigating light for passing boats, completing the internal connection.

At the public square in front of the Egyptian museum, water is  celebrated at the fountain square and waterfall installation.

Rifat Chadirji Ideas Competition 2020

People’s Tentacle

Pedestrian Bridge and Public Square on the Nile in Cairo, Egypt

two-story water piazza / 1800 sqm recreation and services
1150 sqm of public gardens

Laura Maasry

Noha Elsayad
Reem Temerik
Facundo Hernandez