Fourframes 'x'

A filigree table design in solid walnut wood
for reading, working or dining from two to six

Pursuing  the  ‘maximum filigree’ principle of the walnut frames furniture series, the fourframes-x is made completely from solid wood pieces.

All framework is a 30/30 mm profile, joined by delicate finger joints at the corners. The tabletop is constructed in 30 mm solid  wood planks, joined inconspicuously.

All internal connections are in wood, all surfaces planed and softly polished with a natural balsam, keeping the red-hued surface mat.

American Walnut solid wood,

L/W/H  150/80/72 cm

The elaborate joinery of finger- and overlapping frame joints and cross-brace underneath the tabletop achieve strength of frame stability of filigrane, wood material.

Design conception & creative copyright

Laura Maasry Furniture

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